1 - Introduction

The eternal balance of Dream and Nightmare has been disrupted by a third element, Void.

A violent, crimson cacophony takes root at the center of the realm, and with it it brings a strange stability. As their waking lives fade away into a blur, Dreamers find themselves coming back to the same locations—loci of power known as bastions—and interacting with the same entities every night. Soon they recognize each other, share memories, thoughts, fears, and understanding over their newfound abilities.

With this new structure comes hierarchy, and with hierarchy comes unrest, disagreement and conflict. Four emerging powers struggle for control of the Dream:

  • The Chimeric Court seeks to establish law and order, steeling the realm against the unknown threat and upholding the barrier that separates Dream and Waking.
  • Fracta, a manifold extension of crystal jungles and pristine lakes, housing those who turn their back on the Waking and seek the secret of eternal sleep.
  • Subter Venellam, experts of time and motion who move unburdened between the layers of the mind, managing the Dream's infinite transport network.
  • The Maze, a collective of researchers that accept the burden of containing and studying the Void. Their sanity suffers, but their knowledge of the realm is unparalleled.

In Voidream, you take the role of a powerful Dreamer in the midst of a conflict among four factions. You must leverage ingenuity and willpower to shape the Dream, commanding its creations to destroy your opponent's bastion.

However, you should be careful. In the pursuit of conquering your rival's bastion, exhausting your mind leaves you at risk of beckoning Nightmare, becoming forever lost to insanity.

Reading this manual

Throughout this manual, all important concepts and keywords will be shown in bold when first introduced.

Sections 1 to 5 contain all necessary knowledge to play a game of Voidream. Sections 6, 7 and 8 are optional and explore keywords, advanced topics and deckbuilding in depth.